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Thanks Y’all

This GiveNolaDay we received $1285 in donations. These will help us create our cut flower gardens we will use to train new farmers in New Orleans East.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate on GIveNolaDay feel free to donate directly to us.


A Move to the Future


It took some help

Crown of Life Church- Use of land and start up donations

Private Corporations- Donation of tools, materials, and money for start up costs

Home Depot and Lowes- Trees and tool donations

Christians Aid & Relief- Shed donation

Methodist Health System Foundations + Burpee Foundation- covered costs of a part time garden coordinator for 1.5yrs

Thrivent Financial- Covered cost for Spring in the garden event

Donations to date total more than $25,000 all reinvested into the East

Pushing forward

This is what we hope to accomplish this year

  1. New Compost area: $100

  2. Nature area native plantings: $500-$1000

  3. Creating ADA wheelchair accessible paths: $20,000

  4. Create a growers/farmers program providing a source of income for individuals who grow crop/raise honeybees…


The Future

There is a lot of green space in the East that has the potential to be practical and beautiful for our community. Crown Garden will be exploring expanding to areas along canals with potential for growing that will create entry level job opportunities for youth and local residents, increase access to healthy food, and raise property values.

To achieve this, we need passionate people willing to work towards it.

Dedicated to serving and improving our community.

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"It is the mission and purpose of Crown Community Garden to educate, coordinate, and support New Orleans East residents in the continual improvement of the quality of life of their neighborhoods."

We improve from the ground up, literally! Gardening can lead to a healthier, more productive lifestyle. It also promotes a more vibrant community allowing kids to grow to be respectful of and responsible for their community and allows adults to directly take part in improving  neighborhoods. 


We're a community driven entity.  That means we act on issues important to the community, curbing or even resolving issues that threaten quality of life. 

Understanding that change is not an easy thing to achieve as individuals, we are working towards building a community of people who are passionate about making positive changes in the East.

Here are the first four steps we would like to take:


Foster a community that will strive for a better quality of life in New Orleans East neighborhoods


Provide high quality food and promote healthy lifestyles especially for children and families in need in our community


Create a constructive environment where youth will learn skills valuable for their future. Become a youth business partner. Click here


Share and replicate the process in other communities as there is a need.


Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life.

Dorothy Height|  Social Activist 



“How do we make the most of what we have?” That is the question that grew into the idea for a community garden. In 2014 the community garden began. Two families decided to make the most of two vacant lots in the Marywood ct. neighborhood and began tilling, digging and planting.  With the help of volunteers, fundraising efforts, and local businesses (Home Depot, Lowes) and Crown of Life Church the garden began to take life late in late 2014. In 2015 we received our 501c(3) status and now operate as a charitable organization. The garden provides valuable green space for neighbors to grow their own fruits, flowers and veggies, and provides kids and adults a platform to learn valuable skill for healthy sustainable living.


Ready to help?



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