Community Events

Make holidays special in the garden. With your leadership, vision, and help the garden can host special events like: Halloween/trick or treat, Christmas celebration, splash parties or whatever you can dream. Sign up and make it happen!


Youth Empowerment

Help our kids get a head start. Here's how you might be able to help

  • Have a fruit tree? Let us come and pick fruit you won't use. The youth will sell them with proceeds going to the kids.
  • Have a business? If you have space for a part-time employee you can teach valuable skills to the next generation.
  • Have a special skill? Volunteer to do a demonstration for us. Broaden our horizons!

Growing forward

There are many potential programs the community garden can initiate with your membership.

  • with at least 10 members we can populate our bee hives and produce fresh, local honey.
  • with at least 20 members a small farmers market can start in the neighborhood.

If what we do works we want to share it with other communities so they can have the same advantages we do. Once a garden becomes self sustaining, we have opportunity to jump-start another location.