Any amount helps us achieve our goals

We rely completely on donations made to the garden. This allows us to offer free access to valuable resources to everyone in our community.

Here are three ways donations are used:

  1. Garden maintenance. We wish growing was as simple as putting some seeds in the ground and watching them grow, but it isn't. From keeping plants healthy to upkeep of equipment, there are a lot to care for!
  2. Neighbor Aid Program. Sometimes people just need a little help. Our access to volunteers make that possible, but even donated time can't negate all expenses. Your donations will help neighbors in need at no cost to them!
  3. Ready with the Right Tools! As kids become involved they will receive tools they need to start their own gardens at home. Those aren't the only tools we hope to give! If they need something for success in school and in every day life, we're here to help.

Send checks to: 

Crown Community Garden

19 Marywood Ct.

New Orleans, LA 70128

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