Navy Week - Morrison Clean-up

Crown Community Garden has 80+ Navy volunteers signed up to start clean up on the long stretch of lots Morrison Rd. that has been a dumping ground. We hope to:

1. Remove most of the trash that's spilling onto the road

2. Remove enough brush so sidewalks are clear for travel

3. Set up a deterrent for future dumpers (No dump signs, possibly a small fence??)

We are still working out a few more details (Dumpsters, supplies donations, city involvement, catering), but are well on our way. You are welcome to join in that day or if there is something you are willing to do before hand, we're glad to have the help. If you are at all interested join us Friday April 20th - 8:00am @ Crown of Life Fellowship hall 11721 Morrison Rd. From there we will get 'makin' it beautiful'.

Email: with any questions.