Time & Location

The garden is open to members from dawn until dusk daily. Guests are welcome to come on open garden days currently Saturdays from 8:30-10:30. Subscribe to our newsletter for other special times and events.

The garden is located at 19 Marywood ct. Extra parking is located at 11721 Morrison Rd at Crown of Life Church (Park to the back of the parking lot. Garden is through the field). 


What to expect...

You want the best food- grow it yourself. Everyone is welcome to come and grow. The garden is organic only using environmentally safe products and sustainable methods to grow fruits and veggies. As part of the garden you can

  1. Rent your own raised bed and plant what you want. This is your own space. If you need help growing, we'll lend a hand

  2. Co-op garden with neighbors and share harvested produce. This is what you can expect at various times of the year

    1. - Fruit: Banana's, Figs, Blackberries, Loquat, Strawberries, Grapes

    2. - Veggies: Seasonal

    3. - Flowers: TBD


Notable Events

  • Garden Fundraiser

    • In 2014 a group of community members chose to make the most of two vacant lots in the Marywood ct. neighborhood by creating a community garden. With the help of volunteers, the garden is now actively operating, provides a space for neighbors to grow their own plants and kids and adult a platform to learn valuable skill for healthy sustainable living.


  • K10 Day (August 2015)

    • The citywide day of service in memory of Katrina brought over 40 volunteers to the garden. An in-ground bed was extended, garden beds constructed and painted vibrant colors. Over 10,000 volunteers helped out city wide.


  • Wisconsin Lutheran College (January 2017)

    • The Neighbor Aid Program first took shape as college volunteers visited two neighbors needing help with painting, fence repair, and minor leak repairs.

    • A Nature area with gravel pathways took shape in the wooded area behind the community garden. 20 saplings were planted including cypress, maple, cypress and sycamore.


  • Navy Week (April 20th 2018)

    • Over 80 Navy volunteers helped our New Orleans East community by clearing sidewalk on a main street of trash, shrubs and weeds. The Navy sailed their way through the thick brush removing items like tires, mattresses, and electronics along the way. By creating cleaner and more accessible spaces we can encourage community pride and prevent littering in our neighborhoods

  • First Hire (September 2018)

    • We’ve hired the first member of our team- Master Gardener Fran. With a donation from Methodist Health System Foundations, we were able to hire a Garden Coordinator part time. She will be in charge of crop production, organizing and hosting volunteer groups and community engagement. Come out and meet Fran sometime!