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- Pastor Jon's # (504) 330-7664. Call or text with any questions

- The church patio will be our home base. Bathrooms are in the fellowship hall.

- This area has been neglected for at least 3 years. Just be careful working in the brush. There are a lot of blackberry bushes (wicked thorns) and watch for poison ivy. I don't know if there is anything dangerous back there or not. There are supposedly snakes in NOLA East although I have not seen very many. Work with caution.

- We will be placing all trash in piles. The city would like us to sort them according to the "Debris Pickup Guidelines" slide.

- Promote the Community Garden.  Give us 5 stars on google and take the instagram challenge. Here is link



1. Remove most of the trash that's spilling onto the road

2. Remove enough brush so sidewalks are clear for travel (about 3 feet on either side).  Seed if time permits.

3. Set up a dumping deterrent signs for future dumpers


Your task is simple - scoop. You can help the rake crew get trash into garbage bags. If there are enough people doing that, you can join in side walk clearing. Scrape grass/weeds off of the sidewalk.


Rake away... rake trash/ debris into piles and put into trash bags. The shovels will come help you out.

Garbage Bag

Make trash go away... grab a trash bag and start picking up or go drag some big stuff out of the bushes. Refer to the "debris guidelines" for proper pile placements. 


We have some tall brush. Everything from the road to 3 feet on the other side of the sidewalk needs to go. Don't chop yourself or others!


Aka: Big clippers. Clip any small shrubs or bushes. Clip them to about 3ft and tie them up with twine. Find a "vegetation debris" pile and stack them up. 


Make "Cleaned By" signs to be placed at the work site. There are three different color boards that will go on one stake. Be creative!  Top board paint: Cleaned By; middle:; bottom: + Navy. Drill a small hole through the board before screwing them onto the stake.

Once sufficiently cleared, till up any weeds until you get fresh soil. We'll plant seeds.


Grab some WILDFLOWER seeds and sow generously on fresh soil and walk over them to tamp them down. Plant the SUNFLOWER seeds on the area farthest from the road. Follow packet instructions.