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Crown Community Garden


A Move to the Future


It took some help

Crown of Life Church- Use of land and start up donations

Private Corporations- Donation of tools, materials, and money for start up costs

Home Depot and Lowes- Trees and tool donations

Christians Aid & Relief- Shed donation

Methodist Health System Foundations + Burpee Foundation- covered costs of a part time garden coordinator for 1.5yrs

Thrivent Financial- Covered cost for Spring in the garden event

Donations to date total more than $25,000 all reinvested into the East

Pushing forward

This is what we hope to accomplish this year

  1. New Compost area: $100

  2. Nature area native plantings: $500-$1000

  3. Creating ADA wheelchair accessible paths: $20,000

  4. Create a growers/farmers program providing a source of income for individuals who grow crop/raise honeybees…


The Future

There is a lot of green space in the East that has the potential to be practical and beautiful for our community. Crown Garden will be exploring expanding to areas along canals with potential for growing that will create entry level job opportunities for youth and local residents, increase access to healthy food, and raise property values.

To achieve this, we need passionate people willing to work towards it.


Morrison Clean up...

Crown Community Garden hosted a Morrison rd. clean up on April 20th. It took 80 Navy volunteers with machetes all morning to clear 100yds of sidewalk and clean up trash along the road. They were champs and we can't thank them enough for coming out to help! Thanks to Lowes, Walmart, Sewarage and Waterboard who pitched in with supplies! Sanitation came out and hauled everything away. It's showing potential.

How we work

Community platform

Crown Community Garden's directors are neighbors who live in the community and want it to thrive. There are fundamental work the organization carries out, but we are also a platform for community driven work. If there is something you hope can get done in our community share it with Crown Community. We hope you can help.



Sustainable gardening- We find sustainable ways to keep the garden strong and healthy through composting, companion planting, rain barrels... 

Co-op- Everyone is welcomed to the garden, but only members are guaranteed a share in the crops that are grown. We share the word and share the benefit. Any extra will be used for families in need. 

Neighbor-Aid Program

Neighbor Aid Program aims to help neighbors who find it difficult to complete or to find help for needed small repairs/maintenance (odd jobs). If you know someone in a difficult situation *click* 'Neighbor-Aid Refer' button below. If you would like to volunteer to help, visit our volunteer sign up.

Volunteer events

Special volunteer events will be announced through our news letter. If you are interested in being notified about these events or volunteering visit our volunteer sign up.

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